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I am always thinking about what happens to stop people from being in love, or taking the plunge with telling someone they want to be with them. Too many times, the stories are heartbreaking. Soldiers go off to war, never telling the one they love how they felt before they left. They return to find she’s married; they missed their chance by fighting for their country. Makes me howl every time.

Writers love to put our characters in situations like this, real-life issues and see them crawl their way back to each other. When I saw the film The Vow years ago, I was fascinated to learn it was a true story. A woman did wake up from a coma, with no memory of the man she loved. It stuck in my mind until Callum popped into my head one day.

Male characters often make themselves known first, and I just knew that this burly, surly builder would be the match for my very own coma girl – stubborn, work-obsessed slight control freak Alice.

The fact that they knew each other before the coma in two different ways? Intriguing. The idea grew from there, and I really wanted to have a realistic ending too. One that didn’t tie everything up, all neat in a bow.

What I created in my mind, became Ten Dates – my first book out with Boldwood – who loved the story right from the off and helped it really come to life on the page. Seeing their story play out with so much on the line, it was a joy to write. I really hope you all love it too.

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